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For individuals,
the shipping fee for orders over $100.00 is FREE for Priority Mail.

We sell the following Tight Line Jigs: 



The difference between Mussel Crawler & Big Hooker Football Jigs

Football Jigs (Mussel Crawler)

Football Jigs (Big Hooker)

Jig Type

  • Football Jig (Mussel Crawler)

Jig Hook

  • fine wire hook

Jig Type

  • Football Jig (Big Hooker)

Jig Hook

  • large wire, extra wide gap hook

Shipping Fees for Orders Shipped to Businesses

  • For businesses that plan to re-sell our jigs, the shipping fee is based on the size of the order.  Contact Tight Line Jigs at or 256-773-7374.

Refund Policy

  • For our jigs purchased from our online store, the refund policy is 30 days.
  • For our jigs purchased from the stores that carry our jigs, you'll need to check with that store for their refund policy.